One by One

The tech monopoly oligarchs continue their eradication of conservatism on all their platforms.

President Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook. Now Twitter says it is a permanent ban. Meanwhile, their competitor, Parler, was wiped away with the sweep of Amazon’s whim.

YouTube banned Trump, too. The technocrats are escalating their fight to get others off as well. YouTube warned that any mention of election fraud would get you kicked off of it. Imagine – the freedom to say what you think has been taken away. It’s mind blowing.

We’ve watched how many conservative programs dance around election fraud. Some have caved and refused to go there anymore. Mr. Reagan, a favorite of mine, did a hilarious review of election fraud by substituting similar sounding names in a “fiction” story he read aloud. It was funny, but not funny that it’s come to this.

Church Militant, another site that includes politics, just decided to show their election fraud videos online, passing up the YouTube channel.

Now word comes that the pro-life channel LifeSiteNews has been completely removed.

Media Research Center reported,

“YouTube just completely removed the LifeSiteNews YouTube channel. This isn’t a temporary ban; every single one of our videos is completely gone. Thankfully, we have backups of all our videos, but this means hundreds of thousands of people have lost access to our truth-telling content,” the pro-life organization said on its website.

“Being completely removed from YouTube means we’ve lost access to more than 300,000 followers,” LifeSiteNews continued.
LifeSite already has plans to deal with YouTube’s censorship. In a statement, John-Henry Westen, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of LifeSiteNews, said:

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Lord! With just over 314,000 subscribers and an average of 50K+ views on each episode of our flagship show, with some of our shows reaching over 2 million views, YouTube de-platformed LifeSiteNews, the world’s #1 pro-life news website. LifeSite’s video content can still be accessed directly at, of course. We will continue to speak the truth of Christ and will not give in to the threats of Big Tech and the censors who wish to remove Biblical truths [from] the public square. God’s Word will spread over the whole earth whether Google likes it or not. We are taking legal steps too of course, so we would appreciate your prayers and any support that you feel called to give.
The specific reason that YouTube suspended LifeSiteNews is unclear, as YouTube did not respond to a request for comment at the time this piece was published. What is clear, however, is YouTube’s consistent attacks on conservatives. YouTube removed over 300 ads from Trump’s reelection campaign during the summer of 2019 alone. In November of 2020, the platform suspended One America News. That same month, YouTube bowed to transgender activists and deleted Candace Owens’s podcast.

Interestingly, they were planning a live forum on the Covid 19 vaccine, which they have come out against. Coincidence here, too?

The carnage continues.
Gina Carano, who portrays a character on Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” was today’s victim. A social media campaign to fire her succeeded, although it probably didn’t take any coercing of the Chinese tied Disney wokesters. What they found “abhorrent and unacceptable was this: “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?” her post said.

Find anything objectionable there?

What is becoming increasingly objectionable is the political class’ unwillingness to address freedom of speech. Cancel culture appears to be OK with them.

Where is Ted Cruz on this? Why aren’t Republicans demanding answers? What will it take to get them moving? Is it because they also want to be able to ban people?

If so, that is false logic. We’re in a perilous state. Something needs to be done and fast. If national leaders won’t do anything, states must move. Contact our Republican legislators in Tennessee and demand action.

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