U.S. or U.S.S.R.?

It’s difficult to distinguish the two countries anymore.

Throw in Mao’s China as well.

Here’s a little game. It’s called Which Country Is This?

The military is in charge of the capital city. Its denizens are guarded by soldiers and police to the point that no average citizen can approach one. Fencing and wire surround the major buildings. Any protest will be considered a riot and those involved killed or arrested. Peaceful freedom of assembly doesn’t exist now.

Turn on the television news and you will get the news the state wants told. Only one view is allowed. Events and people who do not conform to the propaganda will not be covered. A previous head of state is considered too dangerous to share his views. Subsequently he is shamed, a tactic the state uses against those it dislikes or fears. Trials are held to make sure lies and falsified documents are shown to guide the public to an opinion. Words are altered or translated into meanings different than the traditional ones. False witnesses pop up and those who will judge are intimidated or mocked. Careers can be ended in this way.

Social media is used to smear and destroy. Those whose opinions are not wanted are destroyed or silenced. There can only be one way of thinking, otherwise it’s a hate crime. Censorship and cancel culture get rid of the undesirable ways of thinking.

All this is done in the name of national security. That also means that average citizens can be monitored via emails and phone calls and all of it stored in a big facility in a remote part of the country. One party can have access to this material with the blessings of the court. No real reason has to be given for this invasion of privacy.

Citizens are afraid to talk freely to others. No campaign signs can be tolerated unless they are for the one party candidate. People don’t talk openly to their friends and family or express their opinions. Someone among them can report them. Even in your own home, you can’t speak freely. Smart TVS and google devices as well as your own phone listen to what you say. You may speak freely in the outdoors provided no one has a phone on them.
This is called unity.

Protests by those sanctioned by the state are encouraged, even if they loot and burn. This is a called peaceful even when it isn’t. Private property therefore can be confiscated without remuneration. This is called reparations and the rule of law is bent to allow this.

Police only operate under the state’s command. They can be told to stand by when destruction occurs, if it complies with the prevailing philosophy of the state. They may use force and murder without recrimination. Your rights to ownership no longer have value.

Second amendment rights are so watered down that few can avail themselves of it. Either the access to ammunition is prohibited outright or the cost of it means most people can’t afford it. Psychological tests will be issued to determine who can have a gun. Family members will be questioned and examined, too.

Travel restrictions are enacted. Not just internationally, but within the country. The president wants to stop people from fleeing, er going to another state that doesn’t have these laws. When you do travel, you must present a certain identity card and your name checked against a list provided by credit card companies. You have to be patted down and examined to see if you carry anything threatening.

History has been changed to emphasize the privilege of one class or another and victimization is highlighted. The good things about a nation’s history will not be taught in schools. Instead, hatred and dissension will be stressed. Universities clamp down on freedom of speech, not allowing certain lecturers. Professors who do not agree with the dominant thought are either dismissed or refused tenure.
Statues of heroes are torn down. We can’t have anyone from the old ways glorified or recognized. They must make room for the new heroes that the State endorses. They don’t want anyone remembering a glorious past and by contrast, problematic present.

Entrepreneurs are discouraged. They are told to stay home during the pandemic while big stores that buttress the government can remain open. Soon the closings mount and dependence on government money is secured. Oligarchs have free rein to make profits and they become the only outlets for consumers. What you purchase can them be easily monitored and used against you if necessary.

Population numbers are controlled. Abortion and birth control is a facet of government and supported to help the party. Big families are discouraged and discriminated against especially on media outlets where they are described as selfish greedy people who hate the planet. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are frowned upon as they might impinge on others.

Religion is discouraged. Churches become subject to the will of the courts, ie the state. They take money from the state and adhere to its rules on whether they can be open and what politically correct ideas they endorse. This eats away at morality and builds dependence on the new religion of the state.

Of course this is now the United States. It’s barely distinguishable from the old Soviet Union.

All that’s missing are the gulags. But, wait, there is talk of reeducation camps.

Hello, comrade.

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