The Left calls us Deplorables. I call them Despicables.

The second impeachment folly shows this again, even though they have displayed this time after time. There is nothing they won’t do. Intimidate, blackmail, threaten, riot, harm, murder. Look at what one of the attorneys handling the case, Michael van der Veen, has to say. He, his family and his firm have been “under siege” since this case:

The Marshall Report sums it up quite nicely: “While Trump’s defense attorney, Michael van der Veen won the case showing there was no incitement to the surge on the Capitol on President Trump’s behalf, before he could even leave the capitol building, his home was vandalized by thugs. But, according to the senate and congress of Sodom, Inc., guess he INCITED it by telling the truth about the real ones who should have been impeached. Telling the truth about the swamp and all the swirly things they do in the dark has a price tag on it. Or so it seems. These are evil wicked people with no conscience, or so it appears. Some have other names for the breed. And of course what made the liars easier to perjure themselves during the impeachment was the fact that they had not had any investigation done. With an event so terrible there was NO INVESTIGATION. Let that soak in. Will there be one to find the vandals? It is officially lawlessness on the same level as Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Their name is Legion.

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