Lindell Has Proof

Mike Lindell has been ferocious in insisting that voter fraud perverted the 2020 presidential election. He has researched what happened in the swing states and refuses to back down. He has spent lots of money in doing this and faced the ire of liberals and the media. In return, he and his company have been knocked off Twitter and Facebook, and his evidence ignored.

Undaunted, Lindell produced an almost three hour long documentary, Absolute Proof, that explains what happened with Dominion voting machines and foreign influence on November 3rd. Lindell paid for it to be run on OAN.

Now he has come out with an abbreviated version of 30 minutes. Both can be seen at and He knows that the media wants to ignore this so he has put it up for all to see on the web.

Lindell is not foolhardy nor is he a dummy. If you read his excellent book, What Are the Odds?, you will understand that his determination and faith have guided him successfully over a gambling addiction, coke addiction and even crack. With just a high school education he managed to come up with an important company, My Pillow, plus endow a foundation for helping others who are addicted.

He also has a good understanding of numbers and statistics. Don’t assume that he will bend or fail in this voting endeavor. Just read his book and take the measure of the man.

It’s about 300 pages and is engaging at every turn.

Watch his documentary, too, and spread the word. We know at least 74 million Americans were disenfranchised in the election. Lindell explains how.

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