If last weekend’s shooting rampage in Tucson showed me anything, it was that we live in a mediacracy.

The first news to come out of the affair was that Representative Giffords had been shot, followed quickly by Rep. Giffords being reported as dead. Then, the shooter was described as an Afghan war veteran. It took at least 24 hours to find out about the other people killed in the spree. The sheriff came on for a news conference and assumed angry rhetoric was the cause. All that was incorrect.

The truth struggled to get out and even after it did (in spite of media efforts) it was immediately twisted to suit Democrat¬†purposes. That’s when I realized we are living in a mediacracy.

Facts just don’t have a place in the new journalism. They can’t promote what the media wants so it shapes what we learn. It didn’t take long for the network coverage to explode. Networks called in their big guns, skipped commercials and doubled down on the speculation. It was hard to find what else was happening in the world. And this went on for days.

Politicians reacted by postponing legislation for a week. The health care reform repeal wasn’t brought down by votes, but by the media’s insistence that this event was so important it eclipsed the needs of 300 million Americans.¬† Politicians raced to get face time on air and to make sure we all know they decry these things. The media took charge and we all danced.

So they let liberals do what they always do, which is to use a tragedy to promote their issues. Calls for greater government control, censure of talk radio and Fox News, gun control and the Fairness Doctrine all got aired again. TV pundits got to decry America for her prejudices again, direct hate to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and show us what a violent people we are.

Few stand up to the mediacracy and if they do, like Sarah Palin, they get put on an enemies list. Even the president gets yanked around by the media and was prodded to call for a moment of prayer and now to go out to Arizona and contribute to the dirge.

We can elect our representatives, but we cannot elect our newscasters or reporters. Even when we vote with our remotes and go to other stations, somehow they survive and continue to foist themselves on the public. That’s how NPR, PBS and MSNBC plus the New York Times operate. If the government doesn’t pump tax payer money into them, then they consider bailouts. So who really is running the country?

The mediacracy has propelled us to mediocrity by doing these things. They rush to snuff out entrepreneurship and achievement by casting them in light of taking advantage of others. They tell us what to they want us to know and slant it in their direction. The one think mentality is a Marxist/Communist dream. Don’t think outside the box or you will pay the consequences.

No wonder the country is floundering.

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