The Question No One Asks

In the Harry/Meghan/Oprah interview assault on the British royal family, there is one thing I have not heard discussed.

When Meghan suggested that someone in the palace asked how dark their baby would be, was that a bad thing?

Before jumping off on a racist screed about this, ask yourself what no one has. Is Meghan suggesting herself that a dark baby is bad? Is she assuming that is bad? Does she equivocate being black, blackish or mocha as undesirable? Few people today would. She would be suggesting that coming out looking like herself would be frowned upon by the very royals who embraced her.

Perhaps whoever said that – if someone did say that – was followed up by ‘I hope the baby is dark or darker than that whiter than white Harry. Or I hope the baby does have honey colored skin. Or perhaps that they were hoping it wouldn’t be ginger his or her dad, Harry.

Seems to me a lot has been assumed in this verbal conflagration.
Are the real racists Meghan and Harry? You can decide.

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