Frayser High Is a Low

Channel 3 WREG aired a report the other night about Frayser High School’s  high number of pregnant students. The count was 90, a shameful number for the city and the neighborhood. has the video in her “must read” at the top of her website. Go and look at the comments. They range from disgusted to funny to poignant. One reader said “that’s why Johnny can’t read.” Others note the ridiculousness of making sure students avoid french fries and white bread (Michelle Obama’s concern) while immorality and irresponsibility are given short shrift. Many call Memphis a disaster, even a “sewer.”

If you, as one reader suggests, type Frayser High School Memphis on Google images, you see some pretty unflattering and alarming photos.

Sooner or later will Memphians wake up to the poor governing we’ve had under the Democrats?

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