Health Care Reform in Tennessee

One of the interesting things to see, now that the Republicans have control of the Tennessee legislature and the governorship, is whether they will join the states fighting the Health Care bill.

We should.

Currently, about 24 states have lined up with Florida to fight it. That’s almost half the country and likely to grow. Tennessee must join them.

The Tennesseean reported Wednesday that Tea Party activists were on the Hill pressing them to go forward against it. Evidently they warned Republicans not to take them for granted and that they expect action. Tea Party organizer Ben Cunningham said health care reform was one of their priorities and they would hold legislators accountable.

Interestingly, the Nashville paper had a picture of Tea Party members meeting with Memphis representative Jeanne Richardson. They were in her office discussing health care reform. The Democrat, who won inĀ  Midtown district 89 against our own Clay Shelton, cannot have liked what they had to say. Maybe next time they will help us fight her reelection.

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