Van Jones in Midtown Today

Van Jones, the former Green Advisor to President Obama, will headline a 29th anniversary celebration today at the Mid South Peace and Justice Center. The event, titled “Living the Legacy of Nonviolence, a Grass Roots Gala,” will be held at First Congregational Church at 1000 S. Cooper. The “church” has been the site of lots of progressive activity and is listed as the headquarters of ACORN, though you won’t seen a sign there designating it.

Jones will speak at a $40 a person banquet. Earlier he will be at Rhodes College from 3:15-4 for an informal session at the McCallum Ballroom in the Bryan Campus Life Center. Let’s hope some Rhodes College Republicans show up to challenge him.

According to an online story in The Commercial Appeal,  Jones “spent a lot of time in Orange Mound as a kid… I still have family in Memphis.”

Since Glenn Beck challenged him and he had to resign from his position at the White House, he joined the Soros funded Center for American Progress. His current thrust is to highlight BP’s profits and funnel some of their money to put towards green technology, especially in impoverished areas.

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