Once Again, Thank You President Bush

In the New York Times story today that details information on the Stuxnet  computer worm that ended up destroying 984 Iranian unranium centrifuges, an interesting “item” pops out.

Not immediately, not in the New York Times. But about half way through the story we find out that President Bush got the Stuxnet started in 2008 with Israel.  He even managed to get the cooperation of Germany, Britain and the Saudis. Not bad for someone the world supposedly hated.

Then, near the end of the piece, we find out that we got a lot of material from Libya after it gave up its nuclear program in late 2003. Who was president then? And, a shipment of their machines was sent to our own Oak Ridge laboratory for study.

In 2004 the CIA convened a group of nuclear experts who reccommended a secret test place be devised to work on the project. Evidently, that is what Isreal finally and successfully did.

In 2006, you’ll recall, the New York Times brazenly published the National Security Estimate. It  manipulated information from secret sources that undermined GWB’s Iran policy by denying their capabilities.

Fortunately for the world we have gained some time to stop Iran further, thanks to President Bush’s efforts.

You can read the story at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/16/world/middleeast/16Stuxnet.html?pagewanted=3.

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