Pushing Pence

A lot of conservatives, old guard and new, like what they see in Mike Pence. The congressman from Indiana is weighing a run for the presidency and a new group has formed to encourage him.

Pence is said also to be considering a run for the governor of Indiana when current Republican Mitch Daniels’ term is up. He has indicated he will decide late this month.

Redstate.com, who also is a fan of Pence, reveals today that a new website, www.theconservativechampion.org, has debuted to urge the congressman to run.

Pence did not join in the GOP spending spree, nor did he support TARP. He is for lower taxes and fewer regulations on business. Pence has always been pro life and speaks eloquently on the Constitution. Having heard him in person, I can attest to his wit and communications skills. Having worked in talk radio obviously helped him. No one on the current scene reminds me as much of Reagan as Pence does.

If you go to the web site you will find out more about him, his stance on the issues, what pundits have said about him and the group behind him. Pence is one of the few Republicans who understands the new media. He has a YouTube page, he does Twitter and has a facebook link. Worth a look.

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