Frayser High, Continued

“Frayser’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Memphis School Board Member Kenneth Whalum on Fox & Friends this morning.

The high school that has been in the spotlight with 86 pregnant teens attending continues to get notice in the media.

Whalum believes that other Memphis schools have similar numbers and that “no nation can endure with a population of young, uneducated and unloved children. W’e’re on a crash course to destruction.” He bemoaned his colleagues for having their heads “in the sand, saying ‘that number can’t be real, where did it come from?'”

Questioned about how this began, Whalum said, “this is what happens in urban distrcits like Memphis where poverty is so high, but most importantly it’s happening because the young people don’t feel loved and they’re not educated about how to be productive citizens in society. It’s an unfortunate travesty is what it is.”

As to fixing it, Whalum said, “we have to be real about how we teach our young people, not sex education but education in how to be a productive citizen…how to respect themselves, their own future. We have to love them into their destiny.”

The love and self esteem schtick sounds great, but maybe what they really need are fathers who are present in the family. Where are the dads to tell their daughters that a boy will use you, sex outside of marriage is morally wrong and you’re better than that.

They need jobs, too, to lift them out of the government dependence that Democrats  love so much.

Somehow, Whalum sounds like he’s revving up for more funds to attack the problem.¬† That seems a back door approach.¬†

I’d like to know the statisitcs of the other high schools, public and private. Maybe the Commercial Appeal could check into it?

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