White House Insider Returns

Newsflavor.com has featured articles purported to be from a secret White House insider as has been noted at this site previously.

The interviewer who goes by the name Ulsterman sat down with him again after the Tucson Memorial speech. He had some fascinating things to say.

Note that this is all anonymous so take it for what it’s worth, but obviously no one  in the White House would risk his own name in talking publicly about the administration. The Chicago Way frowns on that. He has also been correct in predicting various events such as resignations of Rahm Emanuel and others. Insider claims to be doing this because he does not like the way the Democrat party is going.

Asked about the Tucson speech, the Insider found it “very powerful.” Sincere? Less so.  “Here’s something that you will never hear from the media but that some witnessed shortly after the memorial service had finished. Behind the staging area, Obama gave Michelle a high five and shared a laugh with her…He was just thrilled at his performance.”

Insider goes on to reiterate that a scandal is brewing that could rock the White House.

“If Issa pushes hard, things will happen… I maintain as I always have that it starts in DC and then back to Chicago. This is the path that could collapse the Obama White House.”

Other nuggets: Pelosi was set to call Obama on some scandal, but pulled back at the last minute. Perhaps her keeping her leader status had something to do with it. President Obama’s health remains a concern. Daley’s “going to the Obama White House is a clear indicator of just how desperate Obama and (Valerie) Jarrett have become.”

The whole article with more on all this is White House Insider “Obama Celebrates Shortly after Delivering Tucson Memorial Speech” at www.newsflavor.com.

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