Half time at the Obama bowl

Two years ago today do you remember what you were doing?

Probably, because it was the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.
If you were for him, you were most likely glued to the TV to absorb every detail of the victorious day. If you were against him you might have shunned TV for the day, wishing the next four years would pass quickly. Except that the media people were so jubilant, his poll numbers so high that it looked more like 8 years.

Obama’s inaugural theme was “A New Birth of Freedom.” He imitated Lincoln’s trip to Washington on the train. Followers were sure he could clean up the “mess” of the Bush administration. Optimism was high for those deluded enough to think Obama could work miracles.

Now, at this point in his presidency, where are we?

In 2008 the U.S. was a super power. Rogue nations feared us and China respected us.  The military had gotten Iraq under control and it looked like terrorism was on the run. Today Obama bows to the king of Saudi Arabia, the emperor of Japan, to Premier Hu and almost anyone but his European counterparts. Our debt to China has exploded and Iran is on the brink of nuclear proliferation. North Korea fires shots at our ship and at South Korea and nothing happens. We diss our friends the British and cozy up to dictators.

Some new birth  of freedom.

Our dollar has declined, oil which was $43 a barrel January 20, 2009, is now $99. The price of a gallon of gas was $1.83. Today it’s $3.10 and moving higher. Gold went from $853 an ounce to $1,369.  The EPA has put a thumbs down on coal mining in West Virginia and the oil drilling in the Gulf has been put at a virtual standstill.

Some new birth of freedom.

Our unemployment went from 7.6 to 9.4, but if you look at it more closely it is probably around 16%. The number of unemployed has risen from 2.6 million to 6.4 million. People in poverty have gone from 39.8 million to 43.6 million. House values have declined and the median household income went from $50,112 to $49,777. Our rank in economic freedom has gone from 5th in the world to 9th. Certainly that’s not a step towards a new birth of freedom.

We went from the greatest medical care and tops in innovations to Obamacare, which aims to make life and death decisions for young and old. Some procedures may not cost much – if you can get them. Insurance premiums are going up in hopes of squeezing you out of your insurance provider. The similar system in Great Britain is being cut back because the high costs are unsustainable. No freedom here.

Our media, with the help of the Obama administration, is on the road to self censorship. Aside from the attempts at Net Neutrality, the Fairness doctrine and FCC moves on our liberties, we are warned not to be “uncivil” and to watch our language. When CNN self corrects because someone used the term “crosshairs” we are nearing the end of free speech.

Take a look at your grocery bill. Commodities are shooting up and this projectory threatens our food supply. Yet, through it all, Michelle Obama gets Congress to find billions for her school lunch better nutrition program and mirage like food deserts. You know the saying there’s no free lunch? There isn’t. The taxpayers will be squeezed while the kids in lunch line will be forced to take what Michelle tells them to.

When this “most transparent administration” doesn’t like the laws, it moves by executive order and/or regulations on practices that don’t help their politics. Where did the TARP money go? We’re still waiting to hear. Why did Wall Street profits continue to go up and the head of Goldman Sachs get a $100 million bonus in 2010? Don’t ask, they won’t tell. Why have Fannie and Freddie been allowed to continue as they have, undermining our economy again? We don’t know. Perhaps Darryl Issa will find out.

As for the race issue, peace and love do not seem to have broken out since that cold January day in 2009. Obama rushes to villify the Cambridge police and then call for a beer summit. The DOJ refuses to look into the Black Panther voter intimidation issue. Black unemployment and black incomes are up and down respectively, despite what Obama promised.

Seems this “new birth of freedom” is another way of enacting the “fundamental transformation of America” Obama called for right before the election.

Let’s hope it changes two years from today.

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