Haslam vs. Obamacare

Governor Bill Haslam spoke with the Tennesseean newspaper Friday about Obamacare.

Twenty seven states have now teamed to challenge it in court.

Haslam called the federal reforms “the wrong approach.” He notes it will add an additional $250-300 million cost for our state. “I don’t think the health care plan is good for Tennessee because of the cost,” he said. “I don’t know where that $300 million is going to come from, I really don’t.”

“I’m going to talk with Attorney General Robert Cooper, get his feelings about why he didn’t want to join that effort and then look at the effectiveness of whether us joining makes a big difference for the state of Tennessee, for our people,” Haslam said.

Because Tennessee’s attorney general is neither elected nor appointed by the governor, but by the state Supreme Court, and is a Democrat, Cooper has been unwilling to join the challenge.

What recourse the governor has, I don’t know, but he should move towards the challenge. The Supreme Court may ultimately decide the legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act. Even justices are swayed by public opinion, court watchers say. As many states as possible should get on this bandwagon to ensure the bill’s total defeat.

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