Tune Out This State of the Union

I’ll save you (and me) the trouble of watching the State of the Union. Whatever Obama says tonight, it will be brilliant. The media has already written their analysis with just a few fill in the blank phrases to be completed.

Obama’s “once again in command.” He’s the “comeback kid like Clinton – only better!” He got the “midterm election message” and is “pivoting to the center.” He hears the American people with a “sincere and noticeable humility.”

Pundits like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks will warm to him again. “The speech shows he’s got his mojo back,” they’ll squeal. Not since Demosthenes has anyone spoken so brilliantly, except, of course, previous Obama speeches at the Denver Greek temple, his Cairo speech, his eloquent Tucson memorial speech, his reading of the family grocery list, his recitation of need to know phone numbers.

He’s putting jobs first again! Well, first again for the second time since he did that in 2010’s speech already. But this time is different! Instead of spending stimulus money, we’ll be “investing” in “targeted” sectors. Those targets just seem to be ones that will help him get reelected, like the SEIU and green jobs. The economy from now on is headed skyward and we’ll all rejoice at 9.6 unemployment, because it could have (and may be) worse, like 35%. He saved us!

Obama will mention his foreign policy genius. He and the media will once again laud his stale deal with China that just confirms early deals cut in the Bush administration. The president will address the illegal immigration situation by chiding those heartless people not charitable to want to pay for invaders’ health care and  education while they send wages back to Mexico. We’ll be out of Iraq and Afghanistan because those governments will decide they can do it by themselves. This, probably, will be a brief topic.

Mr. Obama will talk of civility and tone, assuring Americans that he is open to “tweaks” in health care, then scowling when he tells how the GOP wants to take all medical care away from you forever!

Don’t discount a mention of Congresswoman Giffords again. He went to the well on that one and will return for more buckets of praise. Perhaps this time he can recount that “Gabby asked someone to put a laptop near her. She reached out to send me an email with the message ‘Go get ’em, Mr. P!’ before falling back, exhausted onto her tear soaked pillow.”

Tonight will be the beginning of the mediacracy’s Obama reelection campaign.  From now on, whatever he says and does will be spun into gold.

By next week no one will even remember the speech. Doesn’t matter with him, anyhow, because sincerity is the last thing you’ll find tonight.

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