GOTV Debut

Yesterday the GOTV club had its luncheon debut at the Crescent Club. It drew a good crowd of around 100 on a dreary, drizzly day.

Club founder and president Charlotte Bergmann introduced speakers Josh Davis of the Family Action Council and talk radio host Andrew Clarksenior.

Davis called for family friendly laws and engaged citizens. Too many Christians have pulled out of the public arena leading to a lot of our current problems. Davis recounted founder David Fowler’s experience at the state level. When he served as state senator Fowler said only one time in his 12 years did a pastor drop by to discuss issues with him. So he started the Family Action Council.

One of the issues they are concerned about currently in Memphis is the plan to have unisex bathrooms. Davis showed a short video of a child going into the bathroom followed by an older man. That could be happening here, exposing  children to pedophiles, drug users and transvestites. And the cost is estimated at $50 million for Memphis. Yet few even know the issue is on the table.

The Family Action Council, as does the GOTV, hopes to enlighten voters to issues like this so that we can prevent bad legislation.

Andrew Clarksenior introduced himself as “a country boy from the city of Detroit.” He spoke of his 22 years in the military and his current job as talk show host on AM 600.

He sounded the alarm  that we “live in a world where the Founding Fathers and the work ethic are under attack.” Much of the public believes that the government “is the center,” forgetting that the government is there to serve the people according to the Founding Fathers.

Shelby County Republican executive director Don Johnson took to the mike and discussed upcoming events. Precinct caucuses will be held Monday, Feb. 21 at 7 at Houston High. “We have 236 precincts in Memphis and we should have at least 100 precincts represented,” he said. The party will be electing a steering committee and officers. Then Sunday, March 20 at 3 at Houson High, there will be a GOP County Convention.

Midtowners Jim Merzlufft and Geoff Diaz attended. Geoff has already taken the position of  VP Public Relations for the GOTV  Club.

Bergmann closed by noting the next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 11:30 at the Crescent Club. Speakers will be Talbott Howard addressing green energy and John Ryder, our RNC link in Memphis.

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