Jr.’s new book

Who knew that Harold Ford Jr. has written a book? Who knew that he has any wisdom to impart? Who will want to buy the thing outside of Memphis?

Ford forged ahead, however, and has come up with “More Davids Than Goliaths.” According to Bill Dries at www.memphisdailynews.com, the book will be released Aug. 10.

Surely he doesn’t consider himself a “David” but with the former congressman you never know.  Ford recounts his 2006 failed Senate campaign, his dad’s charges in the two bank fraud cases in the House, his tiff with Herenton and anecdotes about Herenton and current Congressman Steve Cohen in the tome.

There will be a book signing at Davis Kidd in East Memphis on Aug. 18.

Although he seems to feel Memphis is not a good enough home for his august presence, favoring New York, Ford is coming home to take Memphis money for his book.

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