University Disgraces Itself

“Enraged Leftists Force University to Nix Bristol Palin Campus Appearance” read the headline at Unphazed – the Palins are attacked so often now it’s almost part of the daily routine: get up, eat breakfast, newspaper attacks Sarah Palin; eat lunch, TV pundit laughs at Palin; go to bed, comedian calls Palin stupid. Trigg is not hers, Todd is unfaithful, Bristol rigs her “Dancing With the Stars competition, Sarah causes the Tucson shootings.  So what else is new?

Then it caught my eye. Students at Washington University in St. Louis speak out against Bristol Palin’s appearance as keynote speaker for Sexual Responsibility Week. Skipping over the ridiculousness of a university wasting a week on that topic, I went on to  dismay and disappointment and yes, anger. The University I had liked and attended had once again behaved poorly.

“Following student dissent, Palin and the Student Union mutually decided she wouldn’t attend,” said the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The controversy would “overshadow the topic they hoped to discuss” the panelists  decided.


When did universities become so close minded? When did they start stifling free speech? When I attended in the 1970s, following the tumultuous 60s, the atmosphere was not as highly charged as it seems  now. Students had  burned down the ROTC building in ’68, but the professors and students seemed to have moved on from that. Even with Watergate in the news and Nixon resigning, I don’t recall students being this mean spirited and radical.

As David Horowitz warns, the Marxist, Leftist leaders of the time did not go away. They just dug in deeper and worked harder to radicalize students. For decades most of us did not realize what was happening.

And they wonder why we don’t have innovations like we used to? When people are not free to discuss different points of view, creativity is depressed. What’s the point of a college education anymore? It’s just delivering more soldiers to the liberal battle against us.

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