What’s Up with the Peace & Justice Center?

The Mid South Peace and Justice Center, located in Midtown at 1000 S. Cooper, has been popping up in the news a lot lately.

For the Martin Luther King holiday the group hosted Van Jones, the outspoken community activist who had to leave the Obama administration after Glenn Beck revealed him for the dangerous radical he is. Jones got  glowing coverage in the Commercial Appeal, which left out all the contraversy around him. The newspaper got several letters to the editor against Jones, prompting Jacob Flowers, the executive director of the MSP&J Center, to write his own in defense of Jones.

Then this weird story about the MSP&J Center being confronted by 3 FBI agents appeared on several Memphis TV stations. They also claimed that the Memphis police were harassing them and you can read about it at OpEdNews.com, which bills itself as “progressive, tough and liberal.”

Then another story in the CA on Thursday titled “Cohen Bill Aims to Curb Conflicts” mentioned them. “If a bill introduced Tuesday by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen becomes law, more ‘restorative justice’ programs will spring up around the country,” the article says. “Jean Handley, founder and CEO of Turning Point Partners in Memphis, trains Memphis City Schools teachers in restorative justice, an approach for resolving conflict between students without violence. The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center supports the bill.”

Restorative Justice? Is that better than plain justice? Is this akin to reparations, a favorite issue of Cohen? Something doesn’t seem right. Sounds like something  is  afoot at the MSP&J Center.

By the way, the group’s address is the same as the First Congregational Church. What was that about mixing politics and religion and preaching from the pulpit? Previously a Google search of ACORN also listed that address, though no sign is or was visible from outside.

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