Marsha Blackburn Shares Her Plans

This morning Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of  Tennessee appeared on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” Host Stu Varney grilled her about Congress’ plans to cut the budget.

Blackburn indicated that the Republican led House will have across the board cuts and also line item cuts. In particular, she said they would start by repealing the stimulus, eliminate federal control of Fannie and Freddie, cut back funds for AmTrak and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and sell excess federal lands and properties.

“The Co.” asked her if that was enough to make a dent start in curbing  the budget.
“As Dave Ramsey would say, we’ve got to start the snowball effect,” Mrs. Blackburn said, acknowledging that their moves are just a beginning.  “We start by cutting discretionary funding, then specifics and use this to get to the bigger programs.”

Varney questioned whether Republicans would have the courage to cut a trillion in funding and risk not be re-elected.

“Yes,” Blackburn said. “The American people are overtaxed and Congress has overspent.”

The conversation then turned to the incandescent lightbulb issue, one close to Blackburn’s heart.  “Yes, we’re working our way toward that. HR911 is filed, Chairman Upton said we’ll get our hearing in front of the Energy and Commerce committee, get it to the floor and pass it.”  Blackburn thinks propsects in the Senate look good because “it is indicative of what happens when government overreaches. People around the country are so outdone witht he federal government reaching into their homes and telling them how to live their lives.”

She said the bill  will attack the CFLs on standards. For instance, she pointed out that the amount of mercury considered a contaminant in a home swimming pool equals  the amount in one CFL bulb.

While she couldn’t unequivocally promise that the bill will succeed, “we’re on the right track it has to make its way through the process.”

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