Charlotte Goes to Cohen Meeting

Charlotte Bergmann writes of her attendance at yesterday’s town hall meeting held by Steve Cohen.

“I went to Congressman Cohen’s town hall meeting as a constitutent because I’d received an invitation to it. I’d decided to not be confrontational and to maintain a low profile. Ultimately…it was my intention to meet the people in the district and to discover what issues were of importance to them.

A poor elderly gentleman was standing next to me wanting to ask the Congressman a question. He kept his hand raised for more than 30 minutes wanting to be acknowledged. I then brought it to the attention of Congressman Cohen. Unfortunately, the poor man was never acknowledged. The constituents were aware of the slight; I was received very warmly after the event.

I never thought Kontji (Anthony WMC reporter) was recording me. But, I was able to make some good contacts with most of the people in the room.

I learned a lot. I learned that Cohen hates Republicans with a passion. I learned that he is threatened by his reduced power in Congress and he reassured everyone that he is still on the Transportation committee and they are bipartisan and he has been assured that he has not lost any power.

I learned that Cohen truly believes that the only way the middle class can survive is if the government gives them jobs. He told the audience that the Republicans are cutting food stamps and welfare, etc. A proud veteran told Cohen that he did not want food stamps, welfare, etc. Cohen acted as though the proud veteran was delusional and did not know what was best for him.

Most of the requests from constituents were outstanding cases that had not been resolved. Before many constituents could get their question out about their concerns, Cohen interrupted them and assigned them to one of his staff members. For the most part, the staff member recognized the constituent and replied, “Oh, yeah, I am familiar with that case.” So, it appears that constituent services are somewhat dismal.”

Charlotte Bergmann

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