Groundhog Day

Is it me, or do you sometimes wake up and wonder what year it is? Is it 2009? 2010? 2011?

The season is a little easier. If it’s cold it’s winter, at least to us who are  global warming deniers.

But, if you take a look at the newspaper or TV, it hardly seems like the years are any different. We’re still in a recession/depression. The fact that pundits keep telling us it was  over in June 2009, but we still have unemployment over 9% does add to the time frame reference. The houses in my neighborhood that were put up for sale years ago still stand empty. Chinese goods continue to flood our markets. Unions still demand exorbitant benefits, cars keep being recalled, oil companies continue to be restrained in production.

Health care still is unresolved and firms don’t know what will happen. Doctors don’t, patients don’t. Republicans and Democrats are still at war over it. Judges rule against it, judges rule for it.

The deficit is still astronomical.  Taxes have stayed the same, but the threat of higher ones continues to loom.

Obama continues to blame George W. Bush. The media is still stuck on  demonizing Sarah Palin. Rush Limbaugh is still the left’s favorite whipping boy. The Tea Party continues to be a bunch of dangerous, gun obsessed rubes in their eyes.

Katie Couric still heads up CBS nightly news, even though she has seen a ratings dive. Ditto Sulzberger at the New York Times and the editors at The Washington Post.

The Middle  East remains in turmoil. We’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Immigration continues to go unchecked.

Education is still crashing; in Memphis we still have no idea what politicians want to do with our schools. The City/County fight goes on.

Funny that the person who promised hope and change can’t deliver on either. The problem is, if he sees his shadow, will we have six more years of Obama?

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