Midtown Republican Club Meeting

Justin Joy
Justin Joy

Last night’s guest speaker was Justin Joy. He graciously stepped in for scheduled speaker John Ryder, who had to bow out when a viral infection made him lose his voice.

Justin briefed us on the ruling against Obama care that had come down on Monday. He has been wading through the ruling and the original bill.

“It’s such a well thought out opinion,” Joy said, that “vis a vis the Supreme Court, it will be tough to attack it. It’s a Constitutional issue.  The judge’s decision addressed two components: the Medicaid expansion and the individual mandate. In the judge’s opinion, Congress stepped over their authority.”

Newly appointed District Attorney General Amy Weirich attended the meeting and discussed Tennessee’s approach to it. Since our state attorney general is a Democrat – and is in the third year of an 8 year term – it presents difficulties. He is opposed to repeal of  the Affordable Care Act.

Justin also discussed the upcoming caucus and convention for the Shelby GOP this month. Monday, February 21, at 7 p.m. precinct caucuses will be held  at Houston High School. Delegates from each precinct will be elected and then will attend the convention, also at Houston High, Sunday, March 20 at 3. They will then elect a slate of officers and steering committee members. Joy, who is running for party chairman, urged all who can to attend. “It’s a great way to get involved at a very local level.”

Midtowners will shortly be contacted about the event and let’s hope we get a very representative turnout!

Kim Perry also came and talked about the Lincoln Day Dinner. It has been moved to March 18. Look for an announcement soon about the exciting guest speaker. Tickets are $85 for the banquet and we will have a Midtown Republican table. More info on this soon, too.

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