Rude or Stupid?

 Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett attended the Alfalfa Club dinner  in Washington, D.C. last weekend.

The club holds an annual dinner on the last Saturday of January. About 200 members of the city’s best and brightest gather for the dinner, begun in 1913 to celebrate the birthday of Robert E. Lee. The names comes from the plant’s “willingness to do anything for a drink,” according to Wikipedia.

Maybe that’s the idea Jarrett was trying to emulate because she either committed a faux pas intentionally, or, the more  charitable among us would have to say, she’s stupid.

How else would you explain her stopping an officer, chest full of metals, to ask him to fetch her a refill on her drink. “I’d like another glass of wine,” she told him, according to astonished observers. White House economic advisor Austan Goolsbee was sitting next to her and began “cracking up nervously.” According to the Daily Caller, there was no shortage of waiters.

One would hope that someone in her position – there are those who say she directs the president’s every move – would know the difference between a waiter and a military officer. One would hope that someone in her position would know the difference between respect for a military officer and disdain. One would hope that someone in her position was not so tipsy as to not know either of these scenarios.

As sensitive as the administration is to civility and perceived snubs, you’d think Jarrett would have behaved better.

And what was it? White or red? Or didn’t she care? I suspect the latter.

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