Tingles Turn to Chills

Watching a 12 minute clip of Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” I literally spilled my coffee.

Matthews, the obsequious Obama cult follower famous for getting tingly legs listening to his beloved Barak,  actually threw a few barbs his way.

Talking about the administration’s handling of Mubarak and the crisis in Egypt, Chrissy said, “Barack Obama, as much as I support him in many ways, there’s a transactional quality to the guy that’s chilling.”

Y’a think?

That’s been obvious to conservatives from Day 1.

Matthews  continues. “Wasn’t Mubarak our friend for 30 years? Are we denying that? … (After Sadat’s assassination) we thought things might come apart over there and he held everything together. He was strong… and now we say it’s time for the game.. Well, we should have prepared this 20, 30 years ago. Where is the State Department? Don’t we have hundreds of people sitting over there in Foggy Bottom with no other job except to know what’s going on in Egypt… what are they doing?

“I watch Secretary Clinton today. I don’t get anything. I see anything more than 2 plus 2 are 4. I keep waiting for 5. Show me you’ve done your jobs over there…I feel ashamed as an American at how we’re doing this… what have we done as leaders and as friends? All we’ve done is watch.”

Pat Buchanan, also on the panel, said “we are coldly calculating. We look dreadful.” He describes how at first we seemed to go with the demonstrators when it looked like they would win, then the guys riding camels came in and we recalculated.

Host Joe Scarborough agreed. “Mubarak was the reason we had 30 years of peace in the region. That is worth something.”

Matthews’ bubbling over caused many to wonder if he is the White House Insider recounting and questioning the Obama administration. The web site has denied this.

But if liberals are getting worried and scared, what does this say for the leadership of our country?

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