Troubling Trends

Share Your WealthDisturbing incidents keep popping up in the news lately. Nothing that’s an earth shaking story, but trends that don’t look good for our republic.

For instance, today President Obama told the Chamber of Commerce that corporate profits “must be shared by the American worker.” We got a whiff of this with Joe the Plumber and the redistribution of wealth comment. Does Obama feel confident enough in his ratings to start this push?

Also today, the  FCC has announced it will use the Emergency Alert System, those routinely sounded alarms, to make presidential announcements in the future. “The primary goal is to provide the president with a mechanism to communicate with the American public during times of  national emergency,” a spokesman said. Does this sound like the United States or a third world banana republic?

Recently, the Wall Street Journal quoted John Heilemann, co-author of “Game Change,” who wrote some interesting tidbits in New York Magazine. Washington players shared some thoughts with him such as “President Obama rarely consulted outside the tiny charmed circle surrounding him in the White House. What you had was really 3 or 4 people running the government. I thought they put a pretty good Cabinet together, but most of those guys might as well be in the witness protection program.” Another told him, “I happen to know most of the Cabinet pretty well and I get together with them indivdually for lunch,” said one of the most respected Democrat bigwigs in Washington. “I’ve had half a dozen Cabinet members say that in the first two years, they never had one call – not one call – from the president.”

So who are these unelected people running the country? Suggestions are the chief one is Valerie Jarrett, an old friend from Chicago. She also happens to have been born in Iran to American parents. She didn’t live here the first five years of her life. One wonders what her priorities are. And there is no way to check her power since she is only accountable to the president.

When Obama spoke at the National Prayer breakfast on Thursday, he once again said some things that caused many to prick up their ears. He said, “My father, who I barely knew – I only met once for a month in my entire life – was said to be a non-believer.”

This is troubling on several levels. First, Obama had previously said that his father and mother lived together in Hawaii until he was two. Another time there was the story of Obama Sr. visiting the Dunham clan in Hawaii Christmas 1971. Which is it? Why the discrepanacies?

Then, when you consider the term “non believer” is used by Muslims to describe everyone outside Islam, it strikes you as an odd choice of words.

There is also the recently disclosed information that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano secretly met with the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010.

Obama pals William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn helped the Free Gaza flotilla that engaged in clashes with Israeli  troops, as did Code Pink. What were they doing that for?

When you consider that we have a press that will gloss over any troubling thing he says, and refuses to delve into any of his background or motives,  you wonder how the truth can get out. And what don’t we know?

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