Gaming the System

Don’t you find it childish when an American president governs by playing games?

Obama’s been doing that since he first entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Other Democrat leaders have been reading out of the Democrats Big Book of Games, too, and they never tire of opening it and using it.

First it was Monopoly. In 2009  the Democrats had all the power: the House, Senate and Presidency. They were spending money and gobbling up properties like GM and banks with abandon. Landing on Collect is their favorite game piece. Electric Works and high speed rails they want in their grasp.

That game didn’t end too well for them in 2010 when they lost their monopoly.

After November Obama has begun to play Checkers with issues.  He’s moved around the board from the left to the middle, trying not to get captured by either  side.  The media helps him tremendously so this is always a useful game for him.

Scrabble figures in his play, too, as in his State of the Union address. He decided to rearrange a few words. Instead of talking about more spending,  he worked that into  “investments.” He’s abbreviated the middle class to mean those in a $25-40,000 bracket. Unemployment figures  are rearranged, too. He just knock sout those who have given up trying or can’t get unemployment money anymore. You go from almost 10% unemployment to 9% that way. See how easy it is?

There is a lot of breast beating today about Obama’s budget and its exclusion of entitlements in the deficit cuts. Look at it as a game of  Hot Potato. He doesn’t want to be caught holding the hot potato of entitlement cuts, so he’s lobbed it off to the Republicans, hoping they’ll get burned.

We’ll see.

Problem is, this isn’t a game for Americans.  We have a lot at stake. We watch all this with apprehension, not enjoyment.  It’s Jeopardy for us, not a scorecard.  Obama may lose votes, but we lose our country.

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