Marsha Blackburn’s Predictions

Americans are wondering if the Republican majority in the House has the courage to go through with promises made on the economy before the election. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn appeared on Fox Business Friday to assure us they will keep their promises.

“Chairman (Paul) Ryan is working on his approach, he’s working on his plan,” Mrs. Blackburn said. “As the budget document from the House comes forward, you’re going to see us do this. I think we have the courage and the backbone to do it.

“In the next budget we will tackle entitlement reforms,” she  said.  “This week we’re finishing the continuing resolution. Remember we didn’t have a budget this year. We have to get the continuing resolution done and it has to be done by March 4th. The cuts so far have been for this fiscal year.

“Then we have to begin to incrementally work our way toward a balanced budget. Entitlements have to be addressed and how programs operate. We have to look at options for seniors and we have to be certain that this is done in a respectful, orderly way with a process that is laid out for the American people,” Mrs. Blackburn said.

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