Stung Again

Remember when the Lockerbie bomber was released from prison on compassion terms? Abdel al-Megrahi was said to have terminal prostate cancer with only three months to live. He was released in 2009 for the 270 murders he was accused of when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up over Scotland.  The feeble looking man was  physically helped onto a plane in Great Britain  When he arrived in Libya he was greeted by cheering throngs. Turns out the cancer he had wasn’t as “fatal” as the British had been lead to believe. He’s still alive and supposedly living in Tripoli.  Ouch.

Then in July 2010 the Australian newspaper reported “the US secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be ‘far preferable’ to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya.” Abdel al-Megrahi had been used as an exchange for a better oil contract. Naturally the families of the victims found this a grisly, disgusting blood for oil  exchange. Ouch.

Let’s hope the British enjoyed that oil because today Libya and the Qaddafi regime are in flames. Doesn’t look like they’ll be getting that nice petroleum. There are fears that the Libyans will set their oil on fire.

When you do the wrong thing, fate keeps biting you. Ouch.

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