GOP Caucus

Abigail Braddock, Paul Boyd and a helper greet caucus participants.


Houston High school cafeteria begins to fill as Shelby County Republicans attend the caucus.

Every two years the Republican Party of Shelby County must “reorganize” and hold a meeting to elect new officers for the upcoming term. Any bonafide  Republican who is a registered voter may participate. Representatives from 270 precincts attend the caucus to elect delegates from their districts. Some precincts have just a few; some have many. The number of delegates that you can elect is determined by how many votes the Republican presidential candidate got in the last election.

Midtowners who attended included Tommy Parker, Steven King, Geoff Diaz and Georgeann King. Our precinct, 16-1 was allotted 5 delegates; the above plus Ruth Henderson were elected. In district 16-3, Beverly Seaton will serve as the delegate. Charlie Crawford will represent his Jefferson neighborhood.

Attending also were Mayor Mark Luttrell, commissioner Heidi Shafer, Probate Court Clerk Paul Boyd, Chairman Lang Wiseman, RNC representative John Ryder, GOTV chair Charlotte Bergmann and many others.

The next step is the convention at Houston High School auditorium on Sunday, March 20 at 3 p.m. Elected delegates from each precinct will meet and elect a new chairman, vice chairs, executive committee an steering committee members.

It is interesting and enjoyable to participate on such a grassroots level for the future of our community.

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