A Different Take on Rahm

Rahm Emanuel’s victory in Chicago’s mayoral election yesterday may have had a different denouement than Washington pundits like to think.

According to Ulsterman at Newsflavor.com, Rahm has found Obama clueless. Emanuel didn’t feel the president was handling the Affordable Care Act well,  depending solely on the media to help it towards public acceptance.  Soon he came into conflict with special advisor Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama. Sources recount how Emanuel was alarmed with the shut out he was getting from Jarrett and the First Lady. He’d ask Obama a question only to see the president shoot a look at Jarrett, wondering what she thought and marginalizing his opinions.

His view is shared by Nancy Pelosi who referred to Obama as an F-ing moron in the story. Pelosi and Emanuel know things that resulted in her maintaining her minority leader status and landing him in the Chi town top spot. Take a look at the story on Newsflavor.com. The Ulsterman Report: Rahm Emanuel and the Jarrett White House. He promises part 2 soon.

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