Obama and Libya

If you’ve wondered why President Obama waited nine days to comment on the Libya situation and then didn’t even mention Qaddafi by name, World Net Daily supplies some answers.

Reporter Aaron Klein traces it back to our favorite hate filled preacher, Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Obama at Trinity Church. Seems Qaddafi financed Wright’s buddy, Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam founder. Wright and Farrakhan were quite cozy. Farrakhan spoke at Trinity many times and the two of them went off to visit Qaddafi in 1984. As a result, Farrakhan got a $5 million interest free loan from the Libyan leader in 1985, according to Klein.

In addition, Qaddafi encouraged Farrakhan’s Million Man March, attended by Wright and Obama. Farrakhan later received a $250,000 Qaddafi Human Rights award.

Even David Axelrod is intertwined with these people. He sat on the board of  Father Pfleger’s St. Sabina church. The infamous Father  also embraced Farrakhan and hosted him at his church.

With that much money and influence spread around, no wonder Obama has avoided much condemnation of Libya and Qaddafi. Yesterday he suggested the U.S. might use – oh, horrors! – sanctions against Libya. What comes next, the strongly worded letter in his files?

Meanwhile, Obama quickly  backed  the Egyptians in their revolt against a dictator we considered an ally.  Go figure.

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