Shirley, You Jest

If you read the newspaper’s big headline in the Local News section this morning, you would think that Shirley Sherrod is a saint.

The former Agriculture Department official was in church giving her sob story account of how bad old Andrew Breitbart used her own words on  videotape against her. She  highlighted her career fighting against racism and poverty, fighting for the civil rights of the poor and blacks, dodging hate mail and unfairness; relying on the Lord to get her through.

Made you want to go put up a statue of her somewhere or rename a street.

However, the truth is somewhat different.

Brietbart learned a different account  from Rep. Steve King (R-Ia). “Shirley Sherrod and her husband, Charles, along with their decades long defunct communal farm, New Communities Inc., were set to receive over a whopping $13 million   in the Pigford settlement, the largest amount of money allocated in the history of the Pigford settlement.”

If you don’t know about the Pigford settlement, basically it involves reparations to black farmers that has been abused to the tune of taxpayer millions, Breitbart has it all at Look up Pigford Shakedown or Google it.

As for the blogger being responsible for Sherrod’s firing by the Obama administration, former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown commented in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“As an old pro, though, I know that you don’t fire someone without at least hearing their side of the story unless you want them gone in the first place. This woman has been a thorn in the side of the Agriculture Department for years. She was part of a class action lawsuit against the Department on behalf of black farmers in the South. For years, she has been operating a community activist organization not unlike ACORN. I think there were those in the Agriculture department who objected to her being hired in the first place.”

Sherrod seems have gone to the Pigford trough repeatedly.

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