Can He Trump O?

If Donald Trump decides to run for president, which seems very likely, he won’t have a recognition problem. Probably most Americans know him through his “Apprentice” series, his building projects, his personal flamboyance and money.

On the flip side, some doubt he is a true Republican or serious about matters outside of his personal finances.

Because questions about him recently surfaced on Rush Limbaugh’s show, Trump was Rush’s guest this afternoon.

Rush described him as having “that good old American can do spirit, backed up by his can do actions.” He queried him on several topics and Trump did not demure.

First off, Rush asked him about his contributions to Democrats, including Rahm Emanuel. Trump explained that his brother,  Ari Emanuel, is his agent and a friend. He noticed that no Republican opposed Rahm in the Chicago mayoral race. He has contributed to other Democrats where the Democrat was unopposed because he wasn’t hurting the GOP and “does business in many blue states.”

He pounced on one of his favorite themes, our China policy. “We have stupid leaders here,” Trump said. “The Chinese laugh at us behind our back. They can’t believe they are getting away with what they do.” For Trump, the answer is easy. “I would slap a 25% tax on all their products. I wouldn’t give the president of China a five star dinner. I don’t give a five star dinner to someone who’s ripping me off.”  Trump cited that recent Boeing deal China made. “They are taking our technology and opening their own plants. Watch what happens in a few years to Boeing. The Chinese will only buy from their own companies.”

Trump has other examples of what he would do. “With the danger of oil at $100 a barrel causing another recession, I don’t understand why we have troops in Saudi Arabia. We’re protecting them but they (the Saudis) don’t pay anything for it.” Similarly, he says, South Korea enjoys our military protection and we get nothing in return. Trump would change that.

The Donald decries our world status. “We’re not respected anymore.”

He also says another problem is “that we don’t have any common sense anymore.”

Talking of the presidency, Trump says he has set up a website, Moments after he said that I went to the website. It was so jammed service was unavailable.

Think what you will about Trump, but I have to admire that he is not shying  from the fight. Some of our Republican candidates are. Pence and Christie, for instance, want to wait out the election until 2016. American needs them now. We have to have some candidate with enough fire in the belly to tackle Obama and the fawning media. Trump is not afraid to take any of them on.

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