Worthwhile Debate

As you may know, Tennessee’s attorney general is appointed by the State Supreme Court. This means that even though we have a Republican governor, House and Senate, we are stuck with the Democrat attorney general the Court chose. This means he will not join other states in their fight against Obamacare, nor will he try to stop it any other way.

What to do?

That’s the question that will be asked Friday, March 18, at a debate at the University of Memphis Law school. Sponsored by the Federalist Society, “Attorney General Selection in Tennessee” features State Senator Mark Norris, Michael Cody, J. Ammon Smart with moderator Dean Kevin Smith.

It will be held from 11:30-12:45 at the Wade Auditorium at the U of M Law School. It’s free and food and drink will be provided. If you’re interested, contact Greg Grisham at 901-312-9413 or [email protected].

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