Fighting Back

On Saturday in Nashville the NEA, ACLU, Teamsters, IBEW, Organizing for American and Moveon .org bused in activists by the thousands as they did in Wisconsin to demonstrate against pending legislation that would limit collective bargaining.

In Tennessee our legislature wants to pass HB130 which would end special treatment under the law to unions and their collective bargaining. As in Wisconsin, the socialist/leftists are trying everything they can to sway public opinion to their side and protect their special interests. Ostensibly this is all about teachers; in reality it’s about union power and money.

The proposal goes to the House Education Subcommittee next and could be voted on on Wednesday. Republicans hold an 8-5 majority, however three of them appear to be squishy. You can contact them by phone or email and let them know what you think. The relevant information:

Rep. Richard Montgomery from Sevierville, phone: 615-253-0303 or [email protected];

Rep. Ron Lollar from Shelby County, [email protected]

Rep. Harry Brooks, Knoxville, 615-741-6879, [email protected].

In addition, you can contact Governor Haslam, phone 615-741-2001; [email protected], and Speaker Beth Harwell, 615-741-0709, [email protected].

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