All Things Considered, Well, Not Quite

Put down your coffee cup, get your blood pressure medicine or defribrillator handy, remove anything breakable within reach, buckle up and strap yourself in before watching the video that just surfaced this morning.

That is, unless you consider yourself  as a Republican/conservative “fanatically involved in peoples’ lives,” “Islamophobic, but really xenophobic, white, middle-American guntoting, seriously racist people,” “anti-intellectual ,” “less educated and less fair and balanced ” than liberals.

If you’re OK with this you won’t be upset by the interview with National Public Radio official Ron Schiller videotaped by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe of the ACORN fraud videos.

O’Keefe filmed Schiller and Betsy Liley, NPR’s director of institutional giving, meeting with two men posing as members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, that Muslim Brotherhood that spawned and supports Al Qaeda. The two met them at Cafe Milano, a well known Georgetown  restaurant, to express an interest in donating $5 million to NPR. They do not hide their organization from the NPR people which leads to a  Jew bashing by all four. Of course, only two of them were sincere.

They all share a laugh when the fake Muslims joke that NPR in their community has stood for National Palestinian Radio. Schiller admits to being “very proud of” how NPR fired Juan Williams, chuckling with them that being on Fox News was reason enough for the firing.

Watch the video at It’s really breathtaking. It appears there will be more coming, too.

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