No ‘A’ from Aunt Bee

Aunt BeeAndy in Wifebeater

The AP is reporting that Andy Griffith, 84, has been tapped by Medicare to make some commercials touting the new health care reform bill.

Seniors are not responding to it, positively, and they wonder why?

In the TV ads, Griffith says “good things are coming” and emphasizes that the elderly will get free preventive checkups and lower cost prescriptions.

I think he leaves out the part about rationing that Dr. Donald Berwick, in charge of the program, has said and that Rahm Emanuel’s brother/doctor/adviser admitted. Hard not to believe there wouldn’t be a cost/age ratio for treatments if you listen to those in charge. ┬áIt has the ring of something Jim Jones would have said as he was pouring the Kool Aid at Jonestown.

I do not think seniors are that ignorant.

This performance by Griffith seems more like the huckster/politician role he played in “A Face in the Crowd,” than the beneficent sheriff of Mayberry.

Somehow, I don’t think Aunt Bee would approve.

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