Where’s My BBQ Poetry Festival Pork?

What has the world come to when our House representative for the 9th district,  Steve Cohen, gets outdone in the pork by Harry Reid?

I had to read in Politico about Harry Reid’s heroic defense of money for his cowboy poetry festival. As they relate it: “In the middle of his tirade against House Republicans ‘mean spirited’ budget bill on the Senate floor Tuesday, the Senate Majority Leader lamented that the GOP’s proposed budget cuts would eliminate the annual cowboy poetry festival in his home state of Nevada.”

It seems Reid has been funneling money to this festival in Elko for years through the National Endowment of the Humanities for this “week long celebration of life in the rural West.”

What about life in the urban South, Steve? Cowboy poetry festival?  Do we not produce the best barbecue  in the country? Our sandwiches are poetry themselves.  Do we not have the biggest barbecue  festival in the country? Well where have you been, Steve? Where’s money for us? In the land of pork, how could you forget your own?

And let’s n0t stop at a barbecue  grillers poetry contest. How about an ad lib competition for rib cookers? Haiku for whole hog smokers? Surely there’s taxpayer money for swine rhyme. Steve, the mind reels with ideas for this kind of stuff.

Because it’s pork, doesn’t form follow function in a thrilling way?

You need to get on this bbq pdq. There’s only so much room at the trough. Time you bellied up.

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