May the Force Be With Us

Jim Geraghty writes the Campaign spot blog at National Review online. He calls his mentor, who has given him sage political insights in the past few elections, Obi Wan Kenobi, after the Star Wars character.

Geraghty decided to ask Obi to weigh in on Wisconsin and its political impact.

“Polls look pretty ominous for Scott Walker and other reform minded governors,” Geraghty said. He was surprised by the response.

“Remember Margaret Thatcher… she used to say ‘controversy is good!’ That’s how we advance our agenda, how the public finds out what is going on … how the good guys win… Walker’s numbers are irrelevant… Think Thatcher and Reagan – people cut through the noise, figure it out and the political dividends are huge. I’m almost sorry Walker had this quick a victory.

“Another priority here is (Rep.) Devin Nune’s bill to force disclosure of public employee pension funds’ ┬áliabilities. Some people say it’s a rillion. Some people say it’s 3. Talk about educating the public? Wait til that becomes an issue in 2012.”

Geraghty comments, “You seem very optimistic about 2012.”

Obi replies, “Optimistic isn’t the word… The public is seeing what the Democrats are about on fiscal, national security, and social issues. And the leader of their paarty is unrelentingly far left. Obama has become a GOP attack ad.”

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