All He Lacks Is a Fiddle

Obama = NeroWhile Japan continues its descent into nightmare, while civil war is near in Libya, while the stock market plunges and oil goes up, while Wisconsin union strife heats up and while the U.S. still doesn’t have a budget for last year voted on, President Obama has his thoughts elsewhere.

He was  AWOL on major issues last week, too, when he took time to concentrate on preventing bullying at schools. Kids, don’t you know it’s not nice to bully others! was his message Thursday. Don’t do it kids, although at the White House it is common to call up reporters and warn them to squash a story or chew them out over the phone for something the administration doesn’t  like.

Friday he sloughed off that hysteria on earthquakes and tsunamis to welcome the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks to the White House. By the way, isn’t Blackhawks racist and a pejorative to native Americans? Saturday morning Obama gave his weekly address on that pressing matter of Women’s  History Month – it struck many as an odd, out of touch topic.  Later the commander in chief managed to get in some golf before sprucing up for the annual Gridiron dinner. He didn’t go the last two years, but perhaps there was something more important than nuclear meltdowns going on then.

You’d think he could have squeezed in a trip to the Japanese Embassy to sign the condolence book and offer sympathy as President Bush did whenever an international disaster happened, but I guess he had something else pressing.

I don’t believe he spent time in church Sunday; those visits have been rare. Rare enough that when they do happen, the press takes notes and we haven’t heard a peep.

Today Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks to be aired on ESPN tomorrow. This afternoon he met with student finalists of Intel Science Talent Search after lunch with Biden. Then he’s free til 4:30 for an hour meeting with Defense Secretary Robert Gates before he and the First Lady sit down to a White House dinner with combatant commanders.

Wednesday seems to be party night at the White House; we’ll see which Hollywood celebrities or sports stars join him tomorrow. Thursday being St. Patrick’s Day means an Irish representative will be feted and Friday it’s Hello, Rio! as he jets down to Brazil for the weekend.

Glad he’s got his priorities straight. Sarcasm off.

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