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Nothing ticks off the Democrats like a black Republican.

We’ve seen it before with the persecution of Clarence Thomas, Allen West and  black Tea Party participants. The terms Uncle Toms, sellouts and  oreos have been used against Michael Steele and Condoleeza Rice.

This morning you can see it with the story about our own Paul Boyd. The Commercial Appeal ran a long story, complete with picture, about Boyd “getting arrested.” Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

It does until you read what really happened. He was given a ticket for speeding more than a year ago. Show me  a driver who hasn’t gotten a speeding ticket at some point and I’ll show you the luckiest man on the road. Through some confusion he missed the court date. He settled the matter and thought it was over until his next terrible infraction – not wearing a seat belt! When the officer pulled him over and saw the suspension, he cuffed him. The matter has since been cleared up, with the Dept. of Safety admitting he shouldn’t have been suspended, but it got splashed across the local section of the newspaper.

Funny, I don’t recall his picture popping up in the media during the election. The CA even endorsed his opponent, Sondra Becton, for Probate Court Clerk. She had an actual legal problem. Becton was fired from her job in Shelby County Finance dept., accused of using her post as a benefis specialist to distribute confidential and personal information such as Social Security numbers. Evidently this wasn’t seen as a problem for someone handling important records. She filled the main requirement: being a Democrat.

But anger by Democrats, who lost big in the August election, continues. When they don’t win at the ballot box, they turn to the legal route.

Perhaps Paul has done other heinous things, such as jaywalking. He may have been chewing gum when he’s not supposed to. Maybe they can catch him taking a second sample of cantalope at Costco! Paul will have someone looking for any misstep.

It’s sad that it has come to this.  Hang in there, Paul. Your real crime is being a Republican.


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