SCRP Election Results

Lang Wiseman launched the convention to elect new officers for the Shelby County Republican Party yesterday, March 20, at Houston High School.

About 250 delegates from precincts across the county gathered. Wiseman began the meeting with praise for Don Johnson and Abigail Braddock, two indispensible members who helped the party sweep the August 5 election.  He discussed how dispirited the group had been two years ago after Obama’s election, but hard work by party members overcame the pessimism. “We need an Obama to get a Reagan,” he noted, offering that Obama’s election was an opportunity “to see liberalism on full display.”

Wiseman left the podium with the admonition “don’t let today be all that you do. We have a long way to go. Remember, too, that little things make a difference.”

Since no challenger arose against Justin Joy, he was elected chairman by acclamation. The slate of officers was quickly approved as well. They are:

First Vice President: Peggy Larkin

Second VP: Don Johnson

Third VP: Dee Nollner

Fourth VP: Arnold Weiner

Treasurer: Clay Shelton

Vice Treasurer: Kim Perry

Recording Secretary: Mary Jane Anderson

Vice Rec. Sec.: Barbara Rose

Corresponding Sec.: Jean Drumright

Vice Corresponding Sec.: Richard Morton

For the At Large positions, each candidate was allowed to make a two minute speech. Each position had two candidates, which made for a lively – and lengthy – debate. However, this shows how much enthusiasm and interest there is in our Republican Party. Here are the results:

At Large, Position 1: Jane Pierotti

At Large, Position 2: Betty Kimbrough

At Large, Position 3: Sharon Hyde

At Large, Position 4: Paul Boyd

At Large, Position 5: Joseph Fox

At Large, Position 6: Mick Wright

At Large, Position 7: Mitchell Morrison

At Large, Position 8: Lee Mills

Primary Board Chairman: Tom Owen

Primary Board: Curt Cowan, Terry Hensley, Ben Jabbour, James Stewart

Steering Committee District Representatives:

District 83: John Williams

84: Sue Ising

85: Edgar Babian

86: Rhonda O’Dell

87: Bob Morgan

89: Wayne West

90: Tommy Parker

91: Kay Kelsey

92: D. Jack Smith

93: Margaret Clifton

95: John Niven

96: Jim Harrell

97: Jeff Jacobs

99: Cathy Skaggs

No one came to represent District 98, so there was no election.




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