Rashomon Effect at the Shelby GOP Convention

Sunday’s Shelby County GOP convention got coverage in one of the top conservative blogs.

Redstate.com has been referenced by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others. Congressmen and senators read it; sometimes to their consternation.

What a surprise to find our lowly county convention the topic of one of its writers!  Posted by “earlgrey,” who claims to volunteer in the local party and belongs to one of our clubs, the article gives a good description of what went on at the four hour meeting.

He or she attended the February delegate selection. Earlgrey says the district was entitled to ten delegates. Only two showed up at the delegate selection and he/she was the only one at the convention.

As a delegate myself who attended the convention, I was interested to see his/her take on the same thing I witnessed.

Obviously someone with Tea Party leanings from the choice of nom de plume, earlgrey thought the slate handed out at the door would mean a fairly brief and uneventful election. After an unopposed Justin Joy won unanimously, followed by the other officers easily elected, the first at-large position brought a surprise.

“What is remarkable to me is that the party was clearly not prepared for close votes,” earlgrey said.  Earlgrey categorizes the candidates as establishment vs. newcomers. “Grey” decided to write down the vote tallies in this manner. The first at large position saw  Jane Pierotti elected by one vote, according to “Grey.” This  is not my recollection. After someone questioned the fairness of the vote, it was counted again and the gap between Pierotti and the newcomer grew the second time. Perhaps “Grey” was selective in the tallies; I don’t know.”Grey” does believe that the challenger was involved in Freedomworks.

The rest of the tallies appeared as I remembered them.  “The split in the votes was acknowledged by some of the speakers as a good sign that more people were getting involved in the party,” Grey says. My take, too.

The article, which can be found at http://www.redstate.com/earlgrey/2011/03/21/Shelby-county-tn-gop-convention/ also has some interesting comments that follow. One comes from Mick Wright, who was a successful candidate for At-large, Position 6. He takes umbrage at being categorized as establishment.  I would agree that these categories are probably assumptions the writer mistakenly takes.

Also, “establishment” people are sometimes the people who have been out there doing the dirty work of making telephone calls, mailing out letters and knocking on doors. Their contributions shouldn’t be discounted.

However, I share the author’s hope that “some of these remarkable candidates that got defeated stay in the party and find other ways to contribute their skills.”


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