First Anniversary, Still Want a Divorce

Today is the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare. Even though the majority of Americans didn’t want it then, Congress pulled a shotgun wedding. We were told we would start to like it.

A year later, we still don’t like it. Polling showed 59% of Americans didn’t like it in 2010 and 37% did. Today, 59% don’t like it and 37% do.

I’ve still not found anyone who was denied medical care at the hospital because they didn’t have money under the old system. I don’t know any doctors who want to practice euthanasia. I know doctors who give their services freely in poor neighborhoods routinely. Did medical care deserve some attention by Congress? Probably, but it didn’t need a lobotomy.

“Obamacare and Carey’s Heart” in the Wall Street Journal today may be the best rebuttal so far. Read it at .

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