April 5 a Crucial Day

April 5 is stacking up to be a very important day – and not just because it’s the date of the next Midtown Republican Club meeting.

It’s the date that will determine whether Governor Scott Walker succeeds in his legislative goals or whether the courts rather than the will of the people will determine every Wisconsin resident’s future. It is next Tuesday when State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is up for reelection in the state.

The implications of the vote, however, reach beyond one state and could effect every state. It will effect the national presidential election as well. If Obama can hang on the Wisconsin, his prospects for reelection look good. If he can’t, he loses a vital electoral college number.

As John Nolte outines in his piece at Biggovernment.com, Prosser is a “reliable 4-3 tie breaking vote in favor of judicial restraint on a court that’s just one vote away from exploding into a frenzy of left wing judicial activism. The one vote on the horizon willing to overturn every piece of Walker’s agenda – including the end of collective bargaining reform – is Joanne Kloppenburg, Prosser’s left wing opponent.

“If the court flips on April 5th, if Kloppenburg prevails in the upcoming elections, every aspect of Governor Scott Walker’s agenda is DOA. Everything he and the legislature passes will ultimately be overturned by the State Supreme Court and the status quo, including the unbelievably corrupt partnership between public unions and elected Democrats, will remain firmly in place for generations to come,” writes Nolte.

Of course, the unions are out in force with money and manpower to defeat Prosser. They are running a three million dollar ad against Prosser over a child sex abuse case in 1979. They are insinuating that Prosser shielded a Catholic priest in a pedophilia case. Even though one of the victims has spoken out against the ad, calling it “offensive, inaccurate and out of context,” the unions continue to run it through a slush fund left them by previous Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle.

You can read all the details in Nolte’s piece, “April 5 will decide who governs Wisconsin – the voters or 4 judges” at www.biggovernment.com.

Let’s hope Reince Priebus at the RNC has this election double circled on his calendar. Since he is from Wisconsin and was the RNC Chairman for that state last year, he should be well aware of it and of its implications.

In the meantime, Judge Prosser has a website, www.justiceprosser.com, where you can contribute.


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