Photo ID Must Pass

“I can’t figure out who it would disenfranchise. The only people I can think it disenfranchises is those people who might be voting illegally,” said Tre Hargett, Tennessee Secretary of State.

He was commenting on  the move in several states to require voters to present photo IDs. In Tennessee, the legislature is working towards that idea. Of course, Democrats object.

It is amusing to note that one of their objections is cost. Funny, it doesn’t seem to matter to Democrat legislators. They spend with abandon, ratcheting up the federal deficit in dizzying numbers during the reign of Nancy Pelosi. The small amount of money this would cost the state suddenly looms like a mammoth when it comes to photo IDs as they tell it.  Besides, Tennessee’s law doesn’t require the state to provide IDs, so Hargett says the cost will be minimal.

Then, they claim it disenfranchises minorities. Why? In today’s world, almost everyone has a photo ID. You need it every time you turn around. I need it to buy dry ice. Dry ice! I have to show my driver’s license to buy a minimal amount of it. You have to have one to buy cigarettes and liquor. Do the poor not ever buy those things? Do they get a break in the grocery store checkout when they do? Preposterous.

The Associated Press article tried to press the “cruelty” of it by citing a federal judge who had to take a literacy test in 1956 to vote. He, evidently, is still upset about it. The only flaw here is we’re not in 1956 anymore. No one has to take a literacy test to vote. Having helped at the polls, I can promise that poll workers bend over backwards to make voting as easy as possible. Workers are confronted with many angry or confused voters, but that doesn’t stop them from getting help to vote.

Then the AP goes on to explain that fraud is really not a big issue in voting. Funny here, too, since in the 2000 election they did everything they could to spread the opposite belief.

Tennessee legislators and those in every other state need to pass photo ID laws and protect the sanctity of our vote.

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