Off the Charts

A disturbing, but not unexpected, look in the economic crystal ball by Tyler Durden at His piece,  “Ag Commodities and the Coming Inflation,” foresees the impact of quantitative easing on the cost of every day food items.

Charts show the price of wheat and corn going higher than Charlie Sheen on party night. Fertilizer costs are skyrocketing,  too, and all this impacts meat via higher pig and cow feed costs, not to mention the high cost of transporting all this to market.

“So what does all this mean?” he asks. “It means you’d better prepare. Maybe you’re comfortable and you have all the disposable income you need. Great, but what about your sister, trying to raise her three kids on 50 grand a year? What about your neighbor or your best friend who is trying simply to make ends meet after losing a job? What can you do to help them?

“You start by warning them about the coming surge in food costs brought about by quantitative easing. All of the factors discussed above, combined with soaring fuel costs, will most certainly lead to a much higher ‘cost of living’ in the near future. The time to act is now.”

You know it yourself, just by looking at your grocery store receipts.

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