Election Test Tonight

Today’s very important election in Wisconsin for state Supreme Court Justice could very well clue us in to how the public feels about unions.

Justice Prosser is up for another ten year term in the state Supreme Court. He’s a conservative Republican. His opponent, Joyce Kloppenberg, is an ultra liberal supporter of unions. If she wins today – and the unions are gushing money into the state for her – it will swing the court to a liberal agenda. In that case, nothing the legislature and/or the governor do will matter since the court will overthrow it.

Stratasphere blog correctly calls it a canary in the political coal mine election. He notes that even though more Democrat governors (think New York and California) than Republican are paring back budgets and curbing union collective bargaining rights, the GOP is getting the brunt of liberal press ire.

What the public thinks of this in light of yesterday’s announcement that the fed spent eight times more than it took in, is hard to calculate.

We’ll find out tonight.

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